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Chinese Language School

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1st grade class

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CCEA student work


Our school teaches the traditional Chinese characters. The grade school classes adopt the text books published by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission in Taiwan whereas the parent-tot and pre-school classes use teaching materials compiled by teachers. There are a total of 10 language classes including the adult class. Our cultural classes include Abacus, Arts & Crafts, Chinese Dance, Chinese Painting and Chinese Music. Our total enrollment is about 60, and consists of students of all ages. All ethnic groups are welcome and all classes are conducted in Saturday afternoons.

School History

Chinese Cultural & Educational Association (CCEA) was founded by a group of Chinese families in northern Chicago suburbs in 1968.

The objectives of the Association are twofold:
1. To disseminate the 5,000-year Chinese culture & traditional philosophy in our community.
2. To promote Chinese language education not only to Chinese descendants, but students of all cultural backgrounds.

The following year, the Association established a Chinese language school in Skokie and classes began in August, 1969. The school has since been in continuous operation and now is in its 54rd year. Our school is the oldest Chinese language school outside Chinatown in the Chicago metropolitan area.


in Skokie

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Community Outreach

Besides language and cultural curricula, we actively participate in community cultural activities, such as Skokie Festival of Cultures, Coming Together in Niles Township, culture exhibits in Chicago Children Museum and other exhibits or performances in libraries or museums. Our presences are well regarded in the communities.

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