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Chinese Language School


Class time: Every Saturday afternoon from September to May.

Chinese classes
Preschool                                 1:00~2:00pm                                    

The teacher will use various teaching materials and methods to introduce words, short sentences, stories and songs. Students will learn about addressing family members and relatives, daily etiquette, body parts, colors, the sun, moon and stars, daily use items, animals, four major festivals in Chinese cultures, and food.

Beginner (in-person)               1:30~3:55pm                                    Textbook: Let's learn Chinese - Book K1

There are two main teaching goals in this class: Using Mandarin phonetic symbols to learn correct pronunciation and learning the order of strokes as a foundation for writing. The teacher will use games to help students learn in a fun way.

Students will also learn Chinese nursery rhymes and songs. Class will include role playing activities so that students can practice using Chinese in daily life. Brush pens will be used to practice writing in class. They can learn the elements of writing such as character structure, order of strokes, and how to write characters beautifully.

1st grade (in-person)               1:30~3:55pm                                    Textbook: Let's learn Chinese - Book K2 

The lessons will be real life situations.  We will strengthen their phonetics, reviewing and focusing on students’ pronunciation accuracy. In addition, we will do simple phrase use and sentence construction, recognizing Chinese radicals, and practicing basic Chinese character stroke order. 
In order to help students learn, speak, understand, and use Chinese, we will use a mixture of pictures, cards, Chinese songs, playing games, and show and tell activities to keep students engaged and motivated.

2nd grade                                   1:30~3:55pm                                    Textbook:  Let's learn Chinese - Book 1 

Learning objectives for the second grade class:

I. Listening / Speaking

1. Conversations of greeting and self-introduction

2. Sentences used in daily life and following instructions

II. Reading

1. Reviewing Chinese pronunciation and phonetic symbols

2. Capable of recognizing characters and phrases that we learn from the book

3. Comprehending and understanding the text in Let’s Learn Chinese Book 1 

III. Writing Chinese characters

1. Reviewing basic strokes and the order of strokes

2. Capable of writing characters and using them to make phrases and simple sentences

3rd  grade                                  1:30~3:55pm                                    Textbook: Let's Learn Chinese - Book 1 Vol. B & Book 2

Students will learn more vocabulary and grammar encountered in daily life. The four basic language techniques: Listening, speaking, reading and writing will be taught with equal emphasis.

4th  grade                                  1:30~3:55pm                                    Textbook: Let's Learn Chinese - Book 1B Vol. B & Book 2

The lessons are applicable to daily life. Lessons are centered around daily conversation. We will strengthen and focus on the students’ pronunciation accuracy, phrase use, and sentence construction. Students will work to master listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. In order to help students learn, speak, understand, and use Chinese, we will use a mixture of activities like pictures, flashcards, Chinese songs, games, and presentations to keep students engaged and motivated. 

Intermediate I                           1:30~3:55pm                                    Textbook: Let's learn Chinese - Book 3

The objective for the Intermediate I class will be focused on the students’ pronunciation, phrase use and daily conversations.

 “Let’s Learn Chinese - Book 3” includes 200 vocabulary words and 50 sentence structures. The topics are entertainment, holiday events, and joint activities. Interactive in-class games and multimedia will help students to learn in an easy way and be motivated to learn the Chinese language. Let's get ready to start a fun year.

Intermediate II                          1:30~3:55pm                                    Textbook: Let's learn Chinese - Book 4 

The Intermediate II class aims to guide students in advancing their proficiency in the Chinese language, encompassing the fundamental four skills, listening, speaking, reading, and writing, and developing self-motivated learning abilities. The curriculum draws from the content of "Let's Learn Chinese" - Book 4A & B. Various instructional tools such as daily conversations, drills, and videos will be employed to reinforce learning Chinese characters, vocabulary, and sentence patterns and writing short paragraphs. Throughout the course, students will develop the ability to express themselves in multimodal presentations about their interests, Western and Eastern cultural differences, and the locations of cities and countries. 

Intermediate III                         1:30~3:55pm                                    Textbook: Let's learn Chinese - Book 4 & 5 

Intermediate III is for students to acquire proficiency in communicating effectively in Chinese based on Intermediate II language skills students have achieved.

The topics include "Basketball," "Talent shows," Healthy food," "Animal protection, "Asking for directions," Five continents," and so on. The cultural topics include "Pen," "Paper, "Compare Christmas and moon festival," "Get to know Taiwan," and much more. 

Language skills include: recounting, talking about travel, confirming, explaining, comparing, informing, and much more.

Advanced II & III                        1:30~3:55pm                                    Textbook: Let's learn Chinese Book 7

The goal of the Advanced II course is to further enhance students' Chinese language skills acquired during Advanced II, enabling them to communicate proficiently and effectively.

The curriculum covers a wide range of engaging topics such as "My favorite class," "The New Student in my class" "The department store," "Making Dumplings, " "The Carnival in Brazil," and more. These subjects provide ample opportunities for students to expand their vocabulary, improve their grammar, and develop their conversational abilities.

In addition to the linguistic aspects, the course also delves into various cultural topics. Students will explore and compare the culture of Carnival in Chinese and other countries. These cultural discussions aim to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of Chinese customs and traditions.

By the end of the Advanced II course, students will have honed their language skills and broadened their cultural knowledge, equipping them with the necessary tools to effectively navigate real-world situations and engage in meaningful conversations in Chinese.

Adult (in-person)                         3:00~5:10pm                                    Textbook: Let's learn Mandarin Boook 1

The topics and settings aim to help adult beginners develop their communicative competence. The goal is to enable learners to attain the skills to apply and operate the language. Four language skills including listening, speaking, reading, and writing will be equally emphasized.

Extracurricular classes
Chinese Dance - Beginner                                                                               Teacher: Nan Zhang

The emphasis of Beginner Dance Class is on building solid foundation for dancing. Dance movements are choreographed to lively Chinese children’s songs so that each beginner has fun while receiving individual attentions and learning unique techniques for Chinese dances.

Chinese Dance - Advanced                                                                              Teacher: Nan Zhang

The music and movements are further complicated and intertwined in Advanced Class. By the time the students enter the Advanced Class, they are well versed with the cultural backgrounds of Chinese folk tribes. They have learned to appreciate music of different “beat”. Classical dances traditionally performed at the court are included in the repertoire, such as Traditional Fan Dance.

Chinese Dance - Adult                                                                                      Teacher: Nan Zhang

No previous dance experience required. The first half of class will focus on fundamental dance movements, and the second half will focus on learning a  choreographed dance.

Chinese Painting (in-person)             1:30~2:30 pm*                                   Teacher: Lydia Hwang

Students receive individual instructions to learn to paint subjects such as flowers, landscape, vegetables, small animals, insects, fish by their level. (For class syllabus and supply list, please click HERE.) *Class schedule is flexible.

Arts & Craft (in-person)                       4:10~5:10 pm                                      Teacher: Chiani Hsu

Students will learn different paper folding techniques and use items for recycling to make toys and other interesting objects.

Chinese Music - Beginner                                                                                 Teacher: Kerry Leung

Students learn basic Erhu techniques and play ensemble pieces.

Chinese Music - Intermediate                                                                               Teacher: Kerry Leung

Erhu performance techniques and solo pieces are taught in this class.

Chinese Music Ensemble (in-person)     Time: TBD                                         Teacher: Tzu-Tsen Wu

Experience the enchanting beauty of traditional Chinese music and culture through practicing Chinese instruments. Foster a musical learning environment in an ensemble setting. Students must bring your own instruments to class and all types of instruments are welcome, Chinese instrument is preferred.

Ukulele Strum and Sing (in-person)       Time: TBD                                         Teacher: Tzu-Tsen Wu

Have fun learning how to strum and sing in an ensemble setting and learning skills on the instrument. The class is designed for all ages to play melodies and chords by learning familiar songs. Students must bring your own ukulele to class and all types of ukuleles are welcome.

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