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Chinese Painting


  • Children beginner class

    • Cherry, peach, watermelon, morning glory, tulip, chrysanthemum, mushroom

  • Children intermediate class

    • insects, landscape, vegetables, flowers, lotus, orchid

  • Adult beginner class

    • Strawberry, peach blossom, loquat, grape, tulip, morning glory, lotus, orchid

  • Adult intermediate class

    • Small animal, insects, landscape, birds & flowers, fishes, bamboo, orchid

  • Adult advanced class

    • Students have already mastered the basic and intermediate Chinese brush painting techniques and want to learn more skills to create his/her own composition.

Materials needed for class (student needs to bring): 

  1. Chinese Brushes (medium-sized) 2 brushes for each student 

  2. Rice paper 

  3. Ink stick & ink stone or one bottle of ink (Mozhi) 

  4. Watercolor (red, blue, yellow, white) 

  5. White ceramic mixing tray or plate (white kitchen dish; not plastic mixing plate) 

A piece of felt about 2’x2’ (placed under the rice paper to prevent the excess moisture from the ink or color stain on the desk) 

*Felt material is available at most fabric stores.


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